There is so much misinformation, narrowly biased media coverage and raw emotion online. I call this bubble wrap. This has undermined society’s ability to examine critically the important issues we face. I hope my views provoke you to think more objectively about these issues. When I ask readers to break the bubble-wrap, I am asking you to make the effort to be better informed. If more people were prepared to analyse critically what they’re reading, they would force the media to be better, and we would have a better informed citizenry.

I’m a retired litigation lawyer with over 40 years of experience in environmental, electricity, competition, and constitutional issues.  I have appeared at all levels of court in every province of Canada, and in the Supreme Court of Canada, and have been invited as a guest lecturer at almost all of the law schools in this country. I am also the author of over 100 legal articles and a law book, and have been an adjunct faculty member at four Canadian law schools.

I welcome thoughtful comments.