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The Washington Times Headline: “Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history”.


The Washington Times (not to be confused with the Washington Post) has published two recent articles with that “hoax” story.  This is one of them: Washington Times

This article makes two points: first, that the models forecasting a large number of Covid-19 deaths in the US were wildly wrong, and second, that the real number of Covid-19 deaths will not be many more than in a bad flu year.  The stories imply that the fear caused by the virus and the hugely costly political response of lockdown were unnecessary reactions to a mass media hoax.  Are these stories right?.


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Covid-19: How Are We Doing?

The media coverage of COVID-19 infections and deaths by country has been running along the bottom of our TV screens every day.  But what do the bare numbers and their interpretations in media stories mean without context?

The media stories are strongly influenced by the political orientation of the particular media outlet. For example, the criticism of the US, and particularly its President, has usually shown the US as the country with the highest total number of deaths in the world.  Is this criticism valid? Well, that depends upon how you look at it.

Deaths Per Million People


I look at it on a per million population basis, using the numbers from Worldometer. Leaving aside some outlier countries with tiny populations, the developed countries with reasonable statistics are ranked below.

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